Blue Mount Blaze UV Water Purifier

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For Home & Office Use:

Brand: Blue Mount

Filtration Stage (Five): Pre Sediment+ Sediment+ Activated carbon + UV+ Silver impregnated carbon.

Purification capacity: up to 18 liters/hour

Weight: 4.95 kg,( approx

Product dimension (inch): 14.6 (H), * 7.6 (W) * 13.2 (L)

Storage capacity: 9 litres.

Filters: Sediment, Activated carbon, RO, Antioxidant Alkaline, UF

Input volt: 100-300 volt (AC)50Hz

Operating voltage: 24 volt (DC)

Made in India

Ultraviolet sterilization is useful for the targeted elimination of microbes. It ensures that the water is 100% free from bacteria, viruses and other impurities and ideal for consumption. Blue Mount state-of-the-art online UV and UF technology uses 5 stages purification method. First is Sediment cartridge, which filters suspended impurities like fine sand and clay from the water. This water is then double purified by Activated Carbon cartridge and Silver Impregnated Carbon removing all chemical impurities like chlorine, as well as color and odor from the water.


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